KUYI Hopi Radio Interviews Zuni Elders about Repatriated Songs

Trevor Reed, Ronnie Cachini, Octavius Seowtewa, Bruce Talawyma, Stewart Koyiyumptiwa. Front: EJ, Leigh Kuwanwisiwma

Outside KUYI 88.1 Studios. L-R: Trevor Reed (HMRP), Ronnie Cachini (ZCRE), Octavius Seowtewa (ZCRE), Bruce Talawyma (KUYI), Stewart Koyiyumptiwa (HCPO). Front: EJ (KUYI), Leigh Kuwanwisiwma (HCPO)

DJ TawaTiyo (Bruce Talawyma) interviews Zuni elders Ronnie Cachini and Octavius Seowtewa about Zuni music currently being repatriated from the Laura Boulton World Music Collection at Columbia University to the Zuni people.  The elders also discuss the deep-seated relationships between Hopis and Zunis and the importance of maintaining language and traditional singing practices.  Also present were Stewart Koyiyumptewa, Hopi Tribal Archivist, and Trevor Reed, HMRP Lead Researcher.  Many thanks to KUYI, the Zuni Cultural Resource Enterprise, the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office, the Hopi Foundation, and Columbia University’s Center for Ethnomusicology for making this Hopi-Zuni cultural exchange possible.

Production: Thomas Humeyestewa
KUYI General Manager: Richard Davis


About trevor99

Hopi scholar at Columbia University writing about repatriating his people's music to its rightful owners
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