Podcast: Returning Hopi Songs–A Hopi Perspective

IMG_5372We hope you enjoy this podcast with Hopi Cultural Preservation Office (HCPO) repatriation coordinator, Lee Wayne Lomayestewa. Along with his duties at HCPO, Lomayestewa is an active traditional leader at Shungopavi village, rancher, and father. Lomayestewa offers insights into the role of Hopi song in Hopi society, a Hopi perspective on the Federal repatriation process, and discusses what is at stake in the return of recorded Hopi voices from the past to contemporary Hopi life.

Click here to download: Podcast with Lee Wayne Lomayestewa (MP3)


About trevor99

Hopi scholar at Columbia University writing about repatriating his people's music to its rightful owners
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One Response to Podcast: Returning Hopi Songs–A Hopi Perspective

  1. Andrea Freeman says:

    I was delighted to discover this blog, and this project! Thank you for your work–I am sure that you are finding this an immense undertaking, but I hope that it is very rewarding to you. I hope that many may be benefited through this.

    I am not native, but my husband is Hopi, and I try to do what I can to help teach my children about their heritage. Your work means a lot to me.

    I was wondering if you are focusing only on music, or if you are collecting recordings of stories as well? I know there are a few out there online now of video recordings of elders telling stories that were taken in the 70s. (For example, Helen Sekaquaptewa tells a coyote story in a recording found at: http://parentseyes.arizona.edu/wordsandplace/sekaquaptewa_intro.html.)

    Thank you for all you do. May God bless you in this work.

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