What is Community-Partnered Repatration? Podcast with Aaron Fox, Columbia University

We wanted to share this podcast with ethnomusicologist and Columbia University Music Department Chair, Aaron Fox, in a timely way as we have very good news to report.  Fox along with Columbia University Earth Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow, Chie Sakakibara, have reached an important milestone in their effort to repatriate music from Columbia University’s Center for Ethnomusicology to the Iñupiaq community.  On June 16, Fox and the Iñupiat History, Language, and Culture Commission reached a preliminary agreement to return the rights to Laura Boulton’s 1946 series of Iñupiaq recordings to their community of origin. The details of this important announcement can be found here.

Congratulations to all involved!  We hope you enjoy this interview with Aaron Fox and invite your comments.

Follow this link to download (32 mins):HMRP Podcast #01: Aaron Fox for iPod (30MB Sound/Images)

For MP3 audio only, click this link: HMRP Podcast #01: Aaron Fox MP3 (15MB audio only)


About trevor99

Hopi scholar at Columbia University writing about repatriating his people's music to its rightful owners
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